Romney Sheep from New Zealand

Romney rams bred from New Zealand Romney Genetics by Richard Chantler

Since 1986 at Hill Farm we’ve been doing the hard work for you! By using Catapult SIL recording system and importing the best genetics annually, we have consistently bred sheep a cut above the rest. Our Romney sheep will reduce your workload and increase your income – it makes sense to purchase from us.

All our Romney rams are capable of serving well in excess of 100 ewes. The record for one ram is 260 ewes pregnant in the first cycle. Many of our customers tell us that 150 ewes pregnant in the first cycle is normal.

Romney Rams
New Zealand Romney Sheep

Each year we sell shearling rams off the farm. We always have a good variety of rams each with unique set of merits. Therefore by discussing with us your farming system and breeding goals, we can help you find a ram that suits you the best. We also sell ram lambs to farmers that want our latest genetics.

All of our shearling rams are capable of serving in excess of 120 ewes in a single cycle. Even our ram lambs will serve over 50 ewes in the first cycle. This can significantly reduce the total number of rams you require for your flock. We strictly do not push our rams. Never will they see anything but grass. We combine this management approach with years of careful breeding to ensure that every ram leaving our farm will not melt. In fact they will carry on growing and you will never see one of our rams at the end of tupping time in worse condition as when it started. Further, these rams will last for many years. A very conservative calculation will show you that a £600 ram that can serve 120 ewes for 4 matings, lambing at 150% will cost you 83 pence per lamb. As opposed to a £600 ram only serving 50 ewes for 2 years (lambing at a 150%) which will cost you £4 per lamb. This proves that the purchase of one of our rams is undoubtedly a sound investment.


Every year we sell ewe lambs and 2-tooths from the flock. Romney ewes are under great demand, so make sure you get your order in early. We also have available a small selection of draft ewes for sale each year. Our recording company (SIL) provide all the ewes with their full EBV records, so we can help you select ewes from our flock that possess the right set of traits for your system.