Romney Sheep from New Zealand

Bred to increase your income & reduce your workload.

High Country New Zealand Romney sheep are bred at Hill Farm, near Hay-on-Wye. The farm falls within the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales and is situated at 1200ft.

Farmers Richard and Penny Chantler run a 300-stud Romney Sheep flock on an all grass system. The Romney sheep flock was started in 1986 with the first import of NZ genetics used on females from the Wye College Romney development flock. NZ genetics have been imported on a regular basis ever since.

SIL (Sheep improvement Ltd- NZ)
New Zealand Romney Sheep

To gain an accurate analysis of a sheep's performance it is almost always easier to use estimated breeding values (EBVs). EBVs allow us to disentangle how much of an animal's performance is influenced by its genetics and how much is influenced by environmental factors. The entire stud flock is fully recorded with SIL; a New Zealand system. We have been using SIL to record our sheep since 1995, so we can be pretty sure that the EBVs allocated to each animal are accurate.

All Animals are given EBVs for:
  • Survivability
  • Adult size
  • Meat Yield: Lambs are back fat scanned to analyse their meat yield potential.
  • Meat Yield: Lambs are back fat scanned to analyse their meat yield potential.
  • Worm resistance: Lambs have individual faecal egg counts taken to assess their ability to resist worms.
  • Weaning weight EBV: A direct indication of their weaning weight.

All of the above EBVs are combined to give individual sheep an overall EBV figure. All sheep are then ranked based on that overall figure. When selecting a ram from our flock, we can tell you everything about that animal, including its overall rank within the flock.

EID recording

For a number of years now we have been using Electronic ear tags and EID software to record the history and performance of each sheep. EID allows us to accurately and effectively record sheep, in order to make more informed breeding decisions. For example, if a sheep has to be handled for any reason, such as being lame, then we will record it on the handheld computer for culling time.